Monday, March 21, 2011


This household loves Trader Joe's Just the Clusters granola. I picked up 4 boxes when I was down in Southern California a few weeks ago. And we have one box left. The best two flavors are Maple Pecan and Vanilla Almond. Try em.

Something my children will remember about me is that I hate wasting juice and milk. Like if I gave Jack a glass of milk with lunch, I don't care if he doesn't eat lunch, I just want that milk gone. It seems like such a waste to pour it down the drain.

This weekend wasn't anything like the productive weekend I had pictured in my mind. Instead of recipe testing and sleeping and working out, I stayed up too late, ate like an idiot and didn't work out once. Ethan had some family in town and they were much funner to hang out with that being alone on an empty road with my iPod and sweating. Although, I didn't test any recipes, we did have a delightful dinner on Sunday. Grilled pork chops, roasted asparagus, couscous pilaf with shallots and parsley and Canada salad. Canada salad? It's a salad Ethan had a lot while serving a mission for our church. He went to eastern Canada and northern Maine. One church member made this salad and Ethan loved it. Green leaf lettuce, dill pickles, sunflower seeds, black and green olives, croutons and then tossed with Ranch dressing. Sounds weird, but it is really good.

Violet Girl is now in a big girl car seat. And it's purple. And it was only $55 on Amazon. I am working on selling her old car seat and some other baby paraphernalia. Should I do Craigslist or sell it at the second-hand kids store? (That sounds like they are selling used children).