Friday, March 4, 2011



I am loving my Ingram family. I have the most entertaining sisters in-law in the entire world. I really do love them. The night I got here, they came over to my in-law's to fawn over Violet and fight over who was going to rock her to sleep. We chatted and laughed our brains out.

I have had so much time with my dear nieces and nephews. I got to love up Ava and Annabelle. Annabelle likes to lay on my shoulder and eat Goldfish crackers. Ava wore her princess dress and showed me her twirls. I got to sit on the front lawn with Juliet and Sophia while they performed their school talent show songs. And then I whisked them away for a quick ice cream outing. Evelyn shoved my mouth full of peanut butter pretzels. And I convinced Isla to sit on my lap. Charlie is just too good to be true. Lots of "whys?" and "wheres?", for he is two years old. I got to admire Eloise and marvel at how small she still is as a newborn. Next, I am planning on spending some time with Eli, Ariel, Isaac, Rowan, Morgan, Erika and Abram. Those kiddos are on my list next. My Ingram nieces and nephews are little delights.

I am enjoying the food. Baked lobster rolls, real live Mexican beans and rice, Trader Joe's treats, RiteAid chocolate malted crunch, California rolls.

I am so rejuvenated by breathing in the wonderfully humid California air. It's making my Violet's hair curly. The sun and the palm trees are happy to see me again.

I moved away from this wonderful place a few years ago. It was heartbreaking. When I have visited since moving, I always cried as we drove down Cajon Pass. But this time I didn't. As I came down the pass this time, I just said, "Welcome back Whitney." No crying, no sadness. Just happy to be back in a familiar place to see familiar people. And I think I am happy about it because I am in a much better place now than I was a few years ago. It feels so good to enjoy myself here instead of longing to live here again.