Friday, March 11, 2011

Vanny Pants

This morning was like all other mornings wherein Van wakes me up with putting his face right in my face and saying, "Mama, milk". And then he proceeds to cry and cry until he gets what he wants. This might be the worst way to start the day. There are definitely better ways. Like maybe Jack could make me perfect scrambled eggs with avocados and Tabasco and fresh squeezed orange juice and then bring it up to my room around 10am. And while he is at it, get Van his damn sippy cup and change his diaper.

I had a brilliant plan for getting rid of the sippy cups. I told Van that the nurses at the hospital needed more sippy cups for the babies at the hospital, so we needed to give them to the babies, because sippy cups are for babies. I totally had him biting on my idea. then Daddy Darling told me that at Van's well-check while I was gone, Dr. Wilcox said Van should be drinking that much fluids. GAH! I hate sippy cups.

Next time you see Van, ask him what his name is. He says his name is "Manny".

Also, next time you see Van, ask him if he has a girlfriend. He says, "Yeah, kiss her, so loud."

While taking a shower this morning, I was washing my face and got a glimpse of my face wash bottle and could have sworn it said "Hilarious Cream Cleanser". But after closer evaluation, it said, "Luscious Cream Cleanser". Too bad.