Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby-led weaning

I have a little gal named Violet who is nearly perfect. Sweet, silly, cuddly, happy and a really good little eater. The best out of my three children. Why is she the best out of all three? I think I know why.

Many moons ago, and I can't quite remember exactly when, I heard of baby-led weaning from my friend Carina aka Azucar. About the time that I should have been starting feeding Violet some type of solid food, I e-mailed Carina for more info and she sent me THIS link. I read up on it and felt great about it. So I followed the method of letting Violet feed herself from the beginning. When I should have been (according to a pediatrician) feeding her rice cereal or jarred something or other, I just kept her on the bottle. When we would be eating dinner, I would give her a few things from the dinner table, but not to really sustain her, just to let her check it out. As she grew, she got more teeth and I still kept feeding her the same amount of formula every 2-3 hours. But as usual, she got whatever we had at the table to check out. Sure, she choked sometimes and I expected that, but I kept a close eye on her.

Fast forward to now. This morning after her bah-bah, I sat her in her high chair and without a spoon from me or mashing anything, she ate half a banana cut into small pieces and a piece of orange. And then a half a piece of toast. She will eat anything I put in front of her. Green beans, broccoli, pizza, scrambled eggs, strawberries, cookies (duh), watermelon. This was not like my boys at all! I really wonder if I had used this method with the boys if they would have been better, more diverse eaters. I am always trying to analyze why Violet does so well and think it might be that she went straight to learning to chew instead of learning to spoon-eat.

Anyways, I don't know why I am telling you all of this. I think I am just trying to process this on my own. Has anyone else tried baby-led weaning with their children? Have your results been as satisfying as mine?


  1. I made baby food for the Nub, and it was pretty easy. But this time around I guess I've taken more of this approach. The only things I've blended up are some pears and peaches my mom canned and half the time I'm too lazy to spoon feed it to him so I don't. The days I do are the days I feel like he's just not really getting full enough off of nursing or the bottle (i.e. the days he's crabby and seems constantly hungry and is probably growth spurting or something).

    Spoon feeding is pretty much time consuming and messy. I'd like it better if he can just feed himself from the get go so I suppose you could say we're doing baby-led weaning over here too. Plus if we can avoid meal-time battles that's a major bonus. I hate that junk.

  2. My (new) pediatrician and I were chatting about healthy eating earlier this year. This is her approach I just have to have another kid to test it out! Ha!

  3. Hooray! So happy to hear it worked for you two! My BLW baby is my most adventurous eater.

  4. BLW rocks! The choking bit can be scary but they can choke on purees too and I love that baby-led exposes them to the textures they'll actually enjoy as adults. We have a book of baby purees that has meat purees in it. *shudders* My 6 month old has sucked on beef brisket, tasted a sushi roll and loves to nom on bread.

    - Janine
    Alternative Housewife
    Baby Led Weaning Blog

  5. clover eats anything i put in front of her and i didn't do that weaning thing. i gave her baby food. she did hate the baby food so i gave her as much real food as i could but i am not good at sitting and watching her eat so i never gave her anything she could choke on. ady was a really good eater as well. she would only eat fruit and veggies, hated breads and meats. i think that is why she was so tiny. now of course, ady won't eat the greens that she used too but still eats fruits. so maybe it works better, maybe not. the only thing that all 3 of my kids all like are refried beans. and i know that is because that is all i consume so that is what they ate in my belly. that and dr pepper.

  6. I was always so busy with other kids that I pretty much accidentally did Baby Led Weaning. I rarely had time to sit around sponing baby food at my kids. Some are good eaters now, some aren't.

    I think "weaning" is a weird term in this instance. You don't have to wean your baby at all. It's more like "baby-led eating lessons".