Monday, April 18, 2011

Bearenstein Bears

I got brilliant when I decided to move the children's book shelf out of Violet's room and into the living room downstairs. Those books are now getting lots of attention. We have a big selection of board books (all "loved" with chewed-on pages) and I am currently working on the older kid books. Each time I go to Target, I get a cheap book to add to the shelf. Like "Bearenstein Bears" for $3. Oh yeah, and Costco has great cheap books.

I have been feeling like a real-live rockstar. My husband was gone with Jack for a week and then as soon as he came home, he decided to get strep throat. The urgent care doc said it was the worst case he had ever seen. How Ethan achieved that, I do not know. He seems to be very good at going all out when he is sick. I mean, if you are going to be sick, BE SICK, right? Anyways, he has been sick and I have been Super Mom. Laundry, dinner, bathes, chocolate chip cookies, loves- without a husband. Who needs a husband anyways, right?

I am starting preparation mode for our trip to Southern California next week. I really like to over-prepare for things like long car trips with children. I like to make lists incessantly and organize the hell out of everything for the trip. Usually, my organization falls apart and I end up forgetting super important things. We will be taking Mara, my mother's comfortable, capable Toyota Sequoia. If we tried to take my little red car, I don't know that we would make it past Nephi without killing each other.


  1. I have a question: how do you approach the drive to SoCal with little ones? Do you take off at 8pm? 4am? 10am? What's the best way to do the trip?

  2. I have about a zillion points with scholastic. And... I have about a zillion books in my home. So, next time I redeem my points, I'm calling you.

    Have a fun trip! Don't forget to come back.

  3. So ok, a couple things...
    1. Long car trips, we have discovered books on cd from the library. My kids LOVE them!
    2. While you're down here, go to the Goodwill Bookstore! That's where I get most of our books, they're only .50 cents and they have tons of them. You probably know where it is, over by your old apartments? It's on Foothill, before you get to Central on the south side of the street.
    Ok, that's all for now. OH! One more thing. I made your carmel corn last night. It never made it off the stove where it was cooling! The whole family (myself included) stood around the sheet pan and ate it right off until it was gone! WAY GOOD! (I added peanuts and they were awesome!)
    Ok, that's enough...