Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The past weekend was one of the best in a long time. Ethan was around and he never is. We went to Thanksgiving Point and saw the baby lambs. Jack hates the turkeys. He calls them ugly chickens. And they are quite ugly. Van has no fear. He will feed a horse his whole hand.

I also got to snuggle a brand new baby girl named Avery. One of my very best friends just had her 4th baby. We have known each other since the 2nd grade. I also gazed at her new front-loader washer and dryer and my heart fluttered fast. We both laughed that here we stood, lusting after her washer and dryer and we used to just be little girls, laying on the roof of my bike shed and looking at stars at night. Now we are both up to our elbows in child-raising and family life.

On Saturday night. Ethan ditched the Priesthood session and we all went out to dinner. We never take all three kids out to dinner because it is total chaos. I would rather stay home and eat Kraft Mac and Cheese than take all three out to my favorite restaurant. But it turned out okay. But that's because we went to Pizza Pie Cafe and they eat pizza until they will pop. Violet too. She went through two pieces.

After dinner, I snuck out and went to a late movie with my pal Kal. "Limitless". And when he drank the blood, we screamed. Good flick.

Dodger season has officially started. There is something so comforting about Vin Scully's voice announcing the game. Now that the season has started, Ethan will be spending most evenings hovering over his iPad, watching his boys in Los Angeles. Hopefully, this Ingram family will go to a game in a few weeks when we go down to California. There are few things that are better than sitting at Dodger Stadium with a soda and a hotdog. And Rafael Furcal's forearms.


  1. loved limitless. incredibly crazy. thats really more like the ultimate pill for moms with 3 or more kids under age 6 :)

  2. That, was gross. So gross.

    Not gross, finishing off the twizzlers the next day.

    Let's do that again.

  3. i wanna go to the game with you!!!!! ill hold violet the hold time. With no complaints!

  4. i meant whole time... hahaha but maybe it works... no pun intended- for reals.