Saturday, April 23, 2011

Drink Fridge

Today was the Peterson Easter Egg Hunt. My mom did it up right. Each grandchild had their own basket with a certain colored egg in it and they were to find only those eggs. So we didn't have any kid load up on all the eggs. It worked out well. There was also the money egg, which I found, thank you very much. Afterwards, we had brunch. I brought muffins. Lemon blueberry and whole wheat banana. And they were mighty tasty.

We are leaving town and because of that, we have like no food in our house. Meals are starting to look really funny. Like Jack having apples and edamame for lunch. And like right now. I have a plate of two fried eggs in a whole wheat tortilla with some brown rice and salsa. Sort of like a healthy, tex-mex, breakfalunch.

I always dreamt of a drink fridge/popsicle freezer in my garage. A chill chest full of all my favorite beverages and frozen delights. An urban legend among the neighborhood kids. "Do the Ingram's really have a fridge full of treats and drinks in their garage?" Well folks, it is starting to take shape. We have had a fridge in our garage for a while now, but I have never dedicated myself to stocking it. I have told Ethan on occasion to get drinks to put in the drink fridge. But he has failed miserably by getting Shasta Tiki Punch and other such atrocities. No more. I have officially taken the position of Drink Fridge Curator. It will be my job to select the beverages. I want diversity and variety. So what would you put in your drink fridge?


  1. Michelob for those tough days.

  2. we used to have a drink fridge and it was fantastic ... buy EVERYTHING ... orange, strawberry, grape, dr. pepper ... oh yum! speaking of which i need a dr. pepper right now ...

  3. we have a drink fridge and yes, variety is key...rootbeer (crowd pleaser esp. among the kids) 7 up (nothin beats it when youre nautious) coke, dr p, etc...usually one diet option then of course water bottles and gatorade and a couple other non carb options for all those "i dont drink soda" people out there. my hubby and i stock up on IBC's when they go on sale...maybe a few martinellis when you get to feelin frisky! and also a handful of jucie boxes for the "hurry up and get in the car and if your seat belt is buckled by the time i get there you can have a juicebox" bribes. Sigh...what did i ever do before i had my juice fridge/fun freezer?

  4. I have a drink fridge. Actually, we have his and her fridges in our kitchen. That's right, 2 fridges. We brought our old fridge with us since it is amazingly huge and we love it. The house already came with one and our fridge doesn't fit where it should. So we hooked up our huge fridge and kept the other one since we have nothing to put in it's place. So the "her" fridge is stocked full of all I ever want. Dr.Pepper. And water,in 3 varieties, for after a good run. And in the door there are other soda options and milk for the guests I am trying to please. The only other things I allow in my fridge are fruits and sweet leftovers, like pudding, frosting and jello. Everything else goes in Adam's fridge. Someday I plan to blog about the his and her fridge because it truly has been a blessing in our marriage.

  5. Izze (peach)
    Dr. Pepper
    Bottles of Water
    Simply Orange Juice
    Simply Limeade
    Simply Lemonade
    Naked Juice (Green Machine)
    Cran-Grape Juice
    SoBe Orange Carrot
    Martinelli's Apple Juice

  6. Kevin would love that! We have a fridge, but I don't drink soda and always feel like it's a frivolous cost (I'm sure to upset some people with that comment) by the time I add in the diapers. My dream fridge would be a freezer full of a cow. Yes, I want to buy an organic cow and have the meat packaged away in my dream freezer. One year I will stock my fridge full of soda Kevin loves for a Christmas present.

  7. Your mom is a genius.

    We have a drink fridge, except it's my cousin's who lives next door and she keeps in our garage. We unplugged it for the winter bc that thing is like 30 years old and a major electricity drain. Lord knows the power company already owns my next child.