Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Easter is in full bloom at this house. For us, we don't do the Easter Bunny. I can't figure out where he fits in. But we still do Easter baskets and an Easter egg hunt. Here is how you do an Easter basket, Ingram style.

1. A book of a religious nature. This is Jesus we are celebrating after all. Amazon has great prices and selection. This year, I got "The First Easter" for Van. And for Jack, I got "The Easter Story". This book has the most beautiful illustrations. And lucky for me, I got it a few weeks ago when it was on super sale.

2. A stuffed spring animal. Baby lamb, bunny, bird etc.

3. Peeps, Cadbury egg and jelly beans- the classics. No Dora the Explorer or Sponge Bob candy. Ugly.

4. And in Jack's case, soap in the shape of a grenade. I couldn't resist.

5. For the baskets, I bought them at Hobby Lobby this year. All Easter baskets are half off.

We do Easter baskets on Saturday so that once Sunday comes, we can have our focus more on the crucifiction and less on candy. I have a vision in my head of a white, smocked Easter dress for Violet. But I am having trouble finding what I want for less that $70. Can't they just make white, smocked dresses for $15? No? Fine.

The Easter baskets are hidden and there are clues all around the house to find them. The Easter Egg hunt is done by Grandma Sue this year. At this point in my children's lives, due to their young ago and their impressive ability to spill things, we do not dye easter eggs. We never have. Maybe, when they are older, we can visit that holiday tradition, but I wouldn't care if they never wanted to.

That is our Easter. How do you do yours?


  1. Gotta love the classics! I rarley allow Dora, Sponge Bob into our home either.....Tom and Jerry are way cooler! :) Happy Easter!

  2. you think of the easter bunny how i think of santa. i don't know where he fits into christmas. of course I still let him hang out at our house though cause i likes me some presents. And I hate any cartoon characters on anything. I allow them at parties up to a point. and on pajamas. but never dora. it is like watching the dumbest video game ever.

  3. We do lots of similar things. They get a book in their baskets as well. This year we were at DI and the kids found some Easter baskets they liked for nothing, so I got them there.

    Last year I did that crazy thing where you hollow out eggs, fill them with candy, and glue a bottom on them. The kids were DELIGHTED, but it was a good evening's work for sure.

  4. We're going to Idaho for Easter. My kids get art supplies, puzzles, and a movie in their Easter baskets. (I'm trying to talk my husband into buying the Michael Jackson Wii game for my son instead of a movie though.. it's really for me) We do very little candy. Fancy jelly beans (bulk @ winco), cadbury mini eggs, and dove milk chocolate eggs. Saturday we will go to my Aunts little farm, where we will have an egg hunt and eat dinner. Sunday we go to church, have a smaller egg hunt at my parents house, and have our traditional ham dinner.

  5. What? When did you turn on comments?

    I don't do the Easter Bunny either. One more thing to keep up, no thanks.

    Baskets with trinkets from the dollar isle at Target. Pencils are a big treat for the Nub so maybe some of those, some candy and all that-mostly for me to eat.

  6. aisle, not isle. It's not surrounded by water, at least not last time I checked.

  7. We don't do the Easter Bunny either, but I do Easter baskets for my girls. They always include their new pair of flip flops to kick off Summer, a new book, and candy. I hide plastic eggs that are filled with candy, but one is left empty. The child who finds this one gets an extra little something. We use the empty egg to talk about the empty tomb and have a little lesson about the Resurrection. As for Easter dresses, sometimes we do them, sometimes not. I love the idea of doing the hunt on Saturday. I'm stealing that one.

  8. The Easter Bunny is SCARY!! I feel about him like I feel about clowns....I don't want either near me!!

  9. No bunny here either. Just recently started the saturday thing, I love it. It's been tradition since i was a youngin' that we get this summers swimsuit in our basket (growin up in cali might have some influence on this) so i usually grab 'em a suit and flops (stuff i would have had to buy anyway) then yummy candy...for some reason i love starburst jellybeans. call me a snob, regular are nasty. P.S. I detest Dora...if she were real i'd probably smack her, and i rarely assault children. Check out the you tube "maraca"...its a spoof on the lame show.

  10. Ooooh! You could have them color the eggs with crayons if you wanted? Just an idea!
    Hey, so I did your mom's resurrection eggs last year with my kids and my girlfriend's daughter (who I happened to have for easter because they were on a cruise) and the kids LOVED it! They must have played it close to a dozen times! And we sat down and did the whole story each time with the eggs, by the end they were telling me what everything was and how it fit into the Easter story! They are STILL talking about our Easter egg hunt and can't wait for it this year! Then we all sat down and watched an Easter movie by Nest Entertainment. It was beautiful, couldn't have gone better!