Sunday, April 10, 2011


I haven't been to church in 3 weeks because of sick children. I hate that. I like church. I like the people I go to church with. I would have Ethan stay home, but he is in change of teaching the 7 year olds. And he very well can't abandon them.

While Jack and Ethan were at church, Van and I made some seriously delicious udon noodles with peanut sauce. We sat at the table and ate together and I asked Van if he liked Jack and he said, "Yes, Gack be funny. Gack shoot bad guys." Van would be so lost without Jack and Violet.

When Jack got home from church, I gave him a bowl of the incredible peanut noodles and he told me he didn't like them. So I told him to make his own lunch. And by golly, the kid did! He made a grilled cheese sandwich without any help. He toasted the bread, shredded the cheese and then put it together and put it in the microwave- ALL BY HIMSELF. I feel so liberated.

Tonight, I am parked on the couch with this here laptop, typing up recipes that I have been working on. Some side dishes, a vegetarian recipe and a dessert recipe. As I tap-tap away, I am listening to the new "Countrypolitan Duets" album and loving it. I think you would love it too.

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  1. there are few blogs that i enjoy reading as much as i enjoy reading yours. i want you to know this, even though i don't always comment.