Saturday, April 9, 2011


Last night, we watched "127 Hours". Freak. That was one crazy flick. Aron Rolston is an amazing guy. Who just hacks off their own arm? Someone amazing. It was rated R because there are lots of F bombs. But can you blame him? Wouldn't you be spouting profanities if you had to saw away at your own arm? I think it should be PG-13 because those F bombs weren't an option in his situation.

Today, Ethan and I did the sleep switch. It's where I let him sleep in while I start the day with the children and then a few hours later, we switch and I sleep for a few hours. It's the best way to have a Saturday. I woke up and realized I needed a veggie avocado sandwich on hazelnut 12 grain bread from Kneaders. Realizing that made me think I was well on my way to having the best Saturday in a long while. I got dressed, went downstairs and told my husband I was going to go get a sandwich. He said he had to leave because he had planned to do some things for work. I said that I had planned on a sandwich. Sorry partner, I win. And BTW Sheena, that mint brownie is a downer. I got one just to see if it is like you said and it isn't amazing like I had hoped. I think they don't put any salt in it. That always help round out flavor in baked goods. And some instant espresso powder would also be a good addition to bring out the chocolate flavor.

You know that swimming lessons kiboshing ear infection Jack had? Van now has it. And he is a much bigger wimp than Jack. And I have to pin him to the ground and sit on top of him to get him to take his antibiotic. That kid doesn't like to be messed with. Diaper changing, baths, clothing changes, nose wiping, bum spanking. The kid likes his space.


  1. Hey. We watched 127 hours last night too. I cannot quit thinking about it.

  2. That first paragraph had me, literally, laughing out loud. I want to see this movie.

    And that's my exact favorite sandwich from Kneaders. Oh, how I miss Kneaders!

  3. I love that first paragraph too. And we totally do the sleep switch here too. Someday maybe I'll get to be the ones who sleeps in. (Yeah right.)