Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leafy sea dragon

I am sitting in a dark, quiet hotel room in Ontario, California. I can hear a box fan blowing to drown out any background noise and then I occasionally hear a baby girl sigh in her sleep. That same baby girl has a double ear infection and conjuntivitis. It sounds worse than it is. She is actually doing really great. But to ensure she continues to do really great, I kicked her brothers and her dad out so she could get in a decent morning nap. While she is resting, I am presented with a great conundrum. Do I sneak in a nap too or do I go take a long shower and wash my luscious long locks and make myself look really hot?

We got to California just fine. Our children did really great in the car. But I now realize that was due to Jack and Van not sitting next to each other. No fighting! It was heavenly.

Yesterday we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. It was perfect. Leafy sea dragons, seals, sting rays and giant sea bass. Do you know the difference between seals and sea lions? No? I do.

After the aquarium and some quick dinner, we drove over to the Queen Mary to say hello. She sits so proudly in the bay, flags waving in the wind. We told Jack it is haunted.

Once we had sufficiently worn out our children, we took them back to our hotel to get even more tired by going out for a late night swim at the pool. Well, Ethan did that while I gave my sick little daughter a long, warm bath and then a relaxing baby massage finished off with a warm bottle and some loves.

Later, I spent 2 hours in the lobby chatting it up with my sister in-law Shelley who happens to work at the front desk of our hotel. Highlight of my trip.

Tonight, big family wedding dinner in honor of the bride and groom, Jordyn and Chad. Ethan is making some appetizers for everyone. I call all the smoked salmon!

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  1. There is a great cupcake shop called Suite 106 . It is right up the road from Ontario in Rancho Cucamunga. They won cupcake wars on Food Network. If you have the chance I would say take it and go! They are really good and I wish I had , had more time there when I was there recently visiting my friend.