Friday, April 8, 2011


I walk in the door, out of breath from kicking my own trash on a 4 mile workout. I am feeling good about myself, right? I unplug my headphones from my iPod, I untie the jacket from around my waist and I crack open a SmartWater. And then Van tells me my butt is big. It was really deflating. Thanks son.

A few nights ago while scrubbing two little boy's heads in the bathtub, I remembered Jack's first imaginary friend, Bobby Kick. Bobby Kick showed up when Jack was about 3. Jack was an only child until he was 3 1/2, so he had to get creative if he wanted to play with other children. Bobby Kick was his same age and they played toys together.

Later, Jack had an imaginary girlfriend, Purple Leo. Purple Leo later became his wife and they had a son named Hansie. Jack was very defensive of Purple Leo. He often talked about what he would do to someone that would try and hurt her. He used to talk about where he would take Hansie, and it was the same places his own daddy would take him. Like the Dodger game and the movies.

Gosh darn it, I don't want to forget what Jack was like as a little boy. I think we should name our first dog Bobby Kick so we don't forget.


  1. I liked teasing him about Purple Leo. He reacted just like a little boy should. Pissed off.

  2. I read somewhere once that only kids with high IQs have imaginary friends. Jack must be super intelligent... you probably already knew that.

  3. Then my son is only half super intelligent...he calls them his "imaginary friends"...take it to the next level and name 'em already kid, thats way more fun.

  4. If you want, you can borrow Gus and call him Bobby Kick. That's cool with me.

    4 miles, you are my hero. Too bad we're not neighbors so we can't go together.