Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunflower seeds

Guesswhat? I am allowing comments now. So you can tell me how cool/funny/clever/stupid I am.

The other day, I had the best idea. I want a phone that takes good video and pictures. So why not have Ethan switch me! He can have my crappy, boring Palm Pixi and I can have his iPhone 4! Brilliant, right? He didn't go for it. A good husband would have said yes.

Speaking of that husband, I cleaned out the snack cupboard today and recovered over 2 pounds of sunflower seeds. The man loves a good sunflower seed. And that part of him is adorable.

With my random finds from the snack cupboard, I am going to make cookies. Peanut butter cookies with chopped peanuts, sunflower kernels and cinnamon almonds. I am predicting delicious.

Last night was the school's family night. I took my three children by myself and it was great, until Van went ahead and got himself lost. What outing is complete without someone getting lost? One second, he was next to me at the book fair, and the next, my little boy in blue rain boots was gone. I searched all over and then I looked WAY down the hall and saw him in the main office being held by the secretary. And then I heard over the PA system, "We have a lost little boy in the office. Someone please come get him." So I made a bee-line for the office and he was red in the face, tears down his face, gasp-crying. You know the kind. The office secretaries were so sweet and gave him a sucker. And Violet too. Boy was that little girl thrilled. She had never had a sucker and it was a revelation.

Most kids wear normal clothes when they go to a school thing at night. But Jack didn't, of course. He was head-to-toe camo. And even had his real headset walkie-talkie. And then I had Van wearing his blue rain boots. We were quite a scene.

Once we were home, I contracted the most spectacular headache. After I got the little's put to bed, my sweet boy Jack got me some water and had me lay on the couch while he finished his homework. Once he went to bed, I called Ethan. He said I sounded like I was high. No honey, just the most amazing headache.

Today, no headache. The weather forecast is bright and sunny. So this afternoon, I plan on sitting on the grass while my kids empty the garage of all the outside toys and get dirty. The evening will be capped off with "The Tourist" and rubbing Ethan's sore feet, which is always a good time.


  1. Ohhhhh hooray! I am the first to post. And yes, you are cool/funny/clever.