Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things I have learned on my vacation

1. Jack is a dancing machine. I guess I wouldn't have known this until now because how often is deejay Uncle Aaron around? After the family wedding dinner, Jack danced for one solid hour. Seriously, ONE SOLID HOUR. He was sweaty and out of breath once Aaron turned off the music.

2. The Southern California humid air doesn't like my curled hair as much as the Utah dry air does. What a pity.

3. I am apart of a family that knows how to party. Truly, the most beautiful and fun weddings I have ever been to (and I have been to A LOT, my husband is an event caterer) are for my husband's family, immediate and extended.

4. I don't do well with traveling child chaos. This shouldn't be a revelation, but it is. After fighting with my husband all day during our trip, I realized all my stress was because of the chaos. The dirty diapers at the wrong moment, finding a place to fill up Violet's bottle, Van bawling his eyes out at a restaurant because he can't run wherever the hell he wants. I struggle with all of this more than most people should.

5. I need to sharpen my wife skills and stop being so lame to my husband.

6. I am ready for a big girl car. Not having the boys sit by each other and fighting in the car has been a revelation. And sitting up high in an SUV instead of my little sedan has been nice.

7. I still have the greatest sisters in-law in the world.


  1. Ditto... best parties, best girls & big cars! Come back xox

  2. ha, ha, ha... this is posting as Ricky, that cracks me up! I can't get the lame laptop to use my account... ha, ha, ha!