Sunday, May 8, 2011

Betcha didn't know

My eyes are very sensitive to light. I have to wear sunglasses when I drive or go outside, even if it is cloudy. Going to the eye doctor is torture. Those lights they shine in my eyes drive me nuts. Even as I think about, my eyes are watering.

I haven't bought a roll of paper towels in over a year. I find them a waste of money. Their replacement was real fabric napkins and I haven't looked back since.

I have the VIN on my car memorized. KMHDN45D53U571109. I worked at a car dealership for two years and my job was to inventory all the cars on the lot. I learned what each set of letters and numbers mean in a VIN, thus, I know my VIN by heart.

I have an embarrassingly good memory. I am sure I remember your name and lots of details about you. So much that it looks like I am a stalker. I usually have to pretend I don't know everything about you so I don't look crazy.

I hide chocolate bars in my gravy boat on the kitchen shelf.

I turn my husband's covers down every night before bed, unless we are in a fight. That's when he knows I am really ticked.

In a moment of post partum haze, when I was still in the hospital, on accident, I deleted all of the pictures of my little boys meeting their new sister in hospital. I cried about it.

I lost 3,000 songs on iTunes because I never backed them up. Boo.


  1. I remember too much, too. I often have to pretend otherwise. Glad other people have to do the same thing :)

    I started backing up everything a couple months ago on a gut feeling. My hard drive died yesterday, taking years of work, pictures of kids, and my iTunes with it. Thank goodness it won't be a total loss, I would have died.

  2. My connie takes old 100% cotton G's and sews them into rags, I swear by them for cleaning. I only have paper towels bc I stole them from our basement tenant in a pinch. White sheets cut and surged into rags make the best window cleaning rags in the world.

    I have an excellent memory too, except names often escape me, unless you're a celebrity of course.

  3. oh dear. i remember when you deleted those photos. i'm still bummed for you.

    i can remember crazy details too. but, i can't remember what i was supposed to be doing 5 minutes ago. go figure.