Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The worst part of being an adult is having to clean your own kitchen. But the best part of being an adult is deciding to clean the stupid kitchen in the morning.

Another great part about being an adult is deciphering needs from wants. I want a new car, but I don't need one. I want an iPhone, but I don't need one. I want a ton of clothes, but I don't need them. I want a boob job, but I don't need one. Actually, I don't need a boob job because I already have boobs.

Today was especially cool because my 6 year old got to operate a huge backhoe all by himself. Truly, the real operator held his hands up in the air as Jack went for a big scoop and moved it into the dump truck. I was screaming and cheering like an absolute fool. He was beaming.

It is a great thing to be able to call your husband and ask him to make dinner for you. And he does a great job. But it sort of sucks when the kids gobble up Daddy's dinner and they don't do that with the one I make.

Violet has a new word. "Dath" for "bath". Ethan and I are a couple a fools trying to get her to say it over and over again.


  1. hahahah I am still trying to get her to say "baby" hahah I feel you lady!

  2. oh whitney. i never comment but i love your blog. it makes me feel like we still get to hang out all the time. i love the way you write. i can actually see/hear ethan saying exactly what you type. if i were as good of a writer as you are i would write in my journal every day (i hope). miss you guys.