Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Violet's has never crawled. I would like to think she doesn't crawl because she doesn't want to creep along the ground like an animal. She might not crawl, but she scoots around on her rear. Today, she has gotten especially good at it and I hate it. She can't leave the diaper cupboard alone. But maybe it's about time she started moving around. She will be 1 on Monday. Violet, there are kids younger than you walking.

It's 6:54. Dinner is done and cleaned up. Van has taken off his shorts and put on Jack's. Violet is yelling at the electrical outlet on the wall. Jack is all caught up in playing with dinosaurs in his room. Ethan is out helping my dad find golf clubs for my brother in-law. I am staring at the same laundry pile from yesterday. I think tonight might be the night to wrangle it. And I think I will watch "It's Complicated" while I fold. I love that movie.


  1. I'm just sitting here catching up on all your blog posts, highly enjoying the reading. We must get V and J together because J gets around by walking on her standing upright on her knees and moving around! Oh these 2 would be hilarious together!

  2. WEndy and Nans boy, Archer, both are bumm scooters. Wendy went straight from bum to walking. I think Violet just knows whats up.