Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Small local business

My kitchen table has 7 loads of clean laundry piled on it. Like Mount Everest. Or like Mount Everlaundry. And that sounds appropriate because I am forever doing laundry.

Jack got 100% on his spelling test. His test is hanging up on the bulletin board. And that is to remind me to show it off to everyone that comes to our house.

Recently, Ethan and I discussed a new goal. Support local small businesses. We own a small business and we know the pressures. So we want to make a conscious effort to support our fellow small business owners. We realized we actually do most of the time without any thought, but now, we want to take it more seriously. I think you should too. BTW, Applebee's isn't good. They serve frozen food.

Famous Footwear's rewards program is legitimate. I just got Jack a pair of velcro Chuck Taylor's for $17, originally $30. And I got free shipping.

About Chuck Taylor's, I have a testimony of them. They are durable, they come out of the washing machine like new and they are timeless. I have probably gone through about 15 pairs with my little boys. I have most of Jack's and someday, I will do something creative with them. Something that when I look at it, I will cry about my little Jack and what a delight he was as a toddler.

Tonight, I want to go out and get ice cream after my kids go to bed. Anyone want to come with me?


  1. shop famous footwear regularly in the clearance section and you will get lots of converse for even less. i used to work there. like 10 years worked there, and i have converse in ever color of the rainbow. we used them for a YW thing and had my converse for all the values. and that was only half of them...

  2. i <3 converse ... i'm glad i'm not alone. they are the best ...

    i'll each ice cream with you after my kids go to bed, can we make it a cyber date?

  3. and do i count as local? i cut out your skirt today ... gonna get sewing tonight after the kiddos go to bed ...

  4. Only if it's local ice cream! lol. Here in Texas that means Bluebell!

  5. Also as a rule I don't eat at chains. We tried doing that in Utah but it was really hard. It's a lot easier here. Although I do make an exception for Chick-Fil-A.

  6. And I have a deep and undying testimony of these Nike shoes that my SIL sends me for my boys. They are the only ones that fit their fat feet and I praise the heavens above that I have a pair in just about every size.

    Too late for the ice cream but I feel a movie date coming on soon.

    I spent 2 hours folding laundry last night while Paul sat on the couch. If I could have killed him with my mind he would be dead.