Friday, May 27, 2011


Tonight is "Gulliver's Travels", caramel popcorn, roasted artichokes, Ethan's foot rub, toys all over my yard and a light rain.

Tomorrow is yard work, garage organization maintenance, a family outing to Thanksgiving Point for a giant banana split and then Steak and Cake. Steak and Cake? Oh, it's just grilled steak finished off with a beautiful cake from Dippidee.

This weekend is also some recipe development. Attempt #4 at the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I don't care if it take 20 tries, I will development a recipe for my perfect chocolate chip cookie without a box of vanilla pudding in it.

Did you know my husband is a ridiculously good golfer? Like scored 3 under par a few weeks ago. Today, he went golfing with my dad and brother in-law. He came, clad in a light pink polo and white pants, and sat down on the couch. We chatted for a bit, talking about how Violet now says, "Uh-oh", and then I asked him, "How was your round?" Every time I ask that, I can tell how it was by the look on his face before he says anything. If he is suppressing a smile, I know it was a good round. Today, he suppressed a smile. 4 over. I really love that he is so good at golf.


  1. i was gonna tell you that you already have the world's best chocolate chip cookie recipe. but... it does have a box of vanilla pudding mix in it.