Wednesday, May 11, 2011

V Day is everyday.

I just found out that Violet was born on V Day. V Day marks the surrender of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union. I'm sorry, but isn't it brilliant that a girl name Violet was born on V Day???

A few months ago for Jack's birthday, we gave him a Marvel Comics encyclopedia. Anything and everything about any Marvel character ever. I was certain he would be in love. And he was, but much to my dismay, the book was filled with comic drawings of nearly naked girl superheroes. Like Mystique in "X-Men" in about 100 different variations. I just can't have my 6 year old scanning through those pages. So I took the book and hid it under my bed. Tonight, I could hear Jack messing around in my room and not sleeping. I asked Ethan to go check it out. So he went up and came back down after 5 or so minutes. He said Jack was awake, sitting on the floor with the book and a ball point pen. He was going through each page and drawing scribbles over the boobs of all the scantily-clad supergirls. That's my boy, trying to keep it pure. He told Ethan he was coloring over the "unappropriate" parts. I later went upstairs and said, "Son, I am so proud of you for not wanting to look at inappropriate pictures." He smiled, turned over and went to bed. I kissed him, grabbed the book and took it to the outside trash. Am I being extreme? Maybe. But I am willing to be extreme.

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  1. I think I know where you go it... I was at your sister's house last weekend. Everyone was still asleep, so I grabbed a book from a basket. As I thumbed through the book, I noticed that all of the swears were blacked out. Turns out this book was from your ma!

    (Like I need to tell you where you got it, but thought it was a timely opportunity to share a familial experience.)