Sunday, June 5, 2011


Just when I think Van is moving out of his terror-of-a-two-year-old phase, he wakes up before me, goes downstairs and takes all the labels off the herb and spice jars. So now I get to sniff and relabel everything. Thanks Van.

You know what needs to stop happening? An entire aisle of plastic/melamine dishes, bowls, cups, pitchers, platters etc in Target. I am not a fan of plastic dishes. We don't have any. My kids eat on real plates and drink from real glasses. "Oh! But what if your kids drop them and they break?". Then they break and we clean it up and get over it. It's not like a shard of broken plate is going to cut my kid's head off. The plastic aisle at Target has so many cute patterns and colors, but they are plastic. Blah.

I am up doing cookbook computer work. It's 1:34am. It's against all of me to not be awake this late. I am going to hate tomorrow morning. And considering it's church tomorrow morning, I have to be up early. Boo.


  1. I ALWAYS regret buying plastic dishes. Always. They hang around forever, being all plasticky and un-microwavable. Real dishes are better.

  2. I like glass, too. I let my kids use the stuff, and even goblets @ holiday dinners. My mom does cringe however, when she sees me doing that. This would be where I tell the story of my brother, who at age three, nearly bled to death & had a hundred stitches in his forearm because he tried to get himself a drink from the automatic water dispenser in grandma's fridge door. Filleted his arm wide open, no kidding. : / I'm no fun. Carry on.