Monday, June 6, 2011


Someday, when I am done writing my cookbook and I am not longer testing and making recipes that require meat, I am going to be a vegetarian. And mostly to bother my husband.

Dentist today. I am about to make him so rich. 5 cavities, bleaching and two caps, both on my front teeth. Why on my front teeth? Oh, just a little incident at Girl's Camp about 10 years ago when I was taking First Years on a snipe hunt and I dove straight into a stupid tree.

This evening, I was so thoroughly enjoying summer. Jack is officially out of school, so screw getting to bed on time. After dinner, I sent the boys outside to play on the freshly Ethan-mowed lawn. While they played, I cleaned up dinner, fed Violet summer corn on the cob and green beans and made brownies. At one point, they came inside and requested that they play outside shirtless. So I took their shirts off and they went back out for scooter riding and golf club hitting. I also planted some pansies and petunias in a cute plastic purple pot Ethan picked up for me at Target. Oh happy day, summer has arrived.