Thursday, June 16, 2011


Severe gross motor skill delay. Apparently that is what is inflicting Violet.

We had her little evaluation today. She is way above average for her talking and fine motor skills. The ladies were so impressed that she can say "apple" and "thank you" and do "peek-a-boo" without anyone showing her first. Oh, and the part where you ask her to talk on the phone and she holds whatever toy up to her ear and starts babbling. But she can't get into a sitting position on her own, she can't stand on her own and she is eons away from crawling. Now we will be doing physical therapy. Yippity dee.

Last night, Ethan and I were watching "30 Rock" and we heard Violet squawk through the baby monitor. Ethan immediately got up to get her. Down he brought a blond, wavey haired little girl wearing light blue footed jammies who was rubbing her eyes. She flashed me a tired, toothy grin and laid on her daddy's shoulder and sucked her little thumb. We played with her for about a half an hour. We had her perform her array of tricks, like she was our little pony. She got a diaper change and a warm bottle and was put to bed. I said to Ethan, "I wish she could be this age forever. I would happily have this little girl even when I am an 80 year old woman." And I mean that. She is just that sweet.


  1. Just think what a delightful adult she will be, and so good to her mother in her mother's golden years.

  2. I love her. She makes me want a girl and that's saying something. Or maybe I'll just borrow her to fill that void. Yes, I like that idea.

  3. Hmmm, I feel like my cousins (my Aunt Sylvia's kids) had this same issue. You should have Sue give her a call.

    Do you like how I encourage your mom to call people for random reasons? I suppose I could call her, but where's the fun in that?

    Also, Violet is extremely sweet. Jeff was smitten by her.