Sunday, June 19, 2011


Father's Day. It went well- at least I think it did. I got up extra early so I could get the kids up, fed and ready for church without help from Daddy so he could sleep in. We gave him a cute new Father's Day tie, which was pink and purple and he was more than pleased. I love that about my husband.

During breakfast, while Ethan was slumbering, I was talking to Jack about Father's Day and how we spend this day giving Dad extra loves and serving him whenever we can. He stopped talking and I could see his little brain working and then he said, "Is there a Kid's or Baby's Day?" "Yep Jack, it's your birthday."

Church was grand. Violet kept having to be taken out of Sunday School because she was singing to herself, loudly, over and over again. "AHHH DEEE! AHHH DEEE!" Picture a little blondy curly-haired girl wearing a plaid skirt with a cardigan and white tights, scooting around on her caboose, eating Goldfish crackers and singing really loud.

For dinner, we headed to Elk Ridge to my mom and dad's for dinner. Barbecue-marinated and grilled chicken, grilled corn on the cob, pasta salad with summer veggies and red wine vinaigrette. And THEN creme brulee for dessert. Dear Ethan, thank you for staying up late last night to make two dozen creme brulees.

I could write a big paragraph about why Ethan is a great dad. But I won't. I will say he is a dad- one that is loyal, hard-working and has high hopes for his children. Is he perfect? Of course not. But I am glad he is the dad to my precious children.

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