Thursday, July 21, 2011


Van has had better days.

First, he started the day off with a good tug on his curtains in his room and went ahead and ripped them off the wall. I just loved that.

Next, he thought it was a smart idea to hit the television with his light saber and break it. Yes, break it. Screen doesn't turn on. Daddy Darling was really stoked on that.

Later, Violet was happy as can be as she sat on the driveway with the hose on. She played with the water as it streamed out. She giggled and splashed. And then Van thought she would have even more fun if he took the house and sprayed her in the face. She was less than thrilled.

This evening, Daddy Darling was still sore about his television and Van proceeded to say that he likes me more because Daddy has "kayzee hay". Translation: crazy hair.

Van has had better days.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha ha poor kid! Maybe if he gets all of his "one of those days" days out of the way early, he won't have as many as an adult?