Friday, July 15, 2011


I love "Friday Night Lights", but I hate it because I hate teenager makeout scenes and sexy time. It's gross. Teenagers are awkward.

Don't invite me to blogging events. I get a lot of invitations to those and I won't come. You would laugh your head off about how many bloggers think they are such a big damn deal. Obviously, not all big-time bloggers think they are so super important, but a lot do. And I think blogging is on it's way out. You ask, why are you blogging then? Because I like to write. And this is a good venue. And writing is a way that I woo my spouse. He likes how I write about our children.

I went to a beautiful wedding today. I always feel lucky to get to sit at wedding receptions that look like something you see in a fancy wedding magazine. Live band, candles, flowers galore, great food, stunning cake, stylish bride and groom, dance floor and just plain fancy. Lucky are the people that marry my children. We know how to put on a party, and we will do just that.

Violet spent the evening sucking her thumb and laying on me or Ethan's shoulders. She was so tired. But still cute. She would growl at the peacocks at the reception. Jack was a dancing machine and cried like a little girly man when I told him we were leaving. "But I wanna dance!!!!!!" Dude, you sound like a girl. Van spent the evening picking up random drinks at random tables and sipping them. And I didn't stop him. I just let him have whatever drink he wanted. Luckily, they weren't alcoholic.

Something amazing happened. There was an Ingram family picture. That is a big deal because there are 39 people in the family. And that isn't counting Elder Ingram on a mission in North Carolina and a new baby cousin expected in November. Big family means total chaos trying to take a family picture. Screw the pictures, just video tape the process. It's pure comedy.


  1. Awwww poor Elder Ingram missing a million weddings and new babies! :)

  2. When blogging goes out I hope you still blog, because I like to read your blog. I also like you.

  3. You got married as a teenager and did lots of making out. I don't know why you find it so awkward. Plus, Tim Riggins. That is all.

  4. remember how i think it's the big bloggers who think they are super important who are pushing blogging out? i too will always blog, and write about my kids. and stuff.