Friday, July 8, 2011

Conversations with a 3 year old

Violet and I were downstairs. She scooted around, I cleaned up dinner. Jack and Van were upstairs playing in Violet's room. I went upstairs to ask Jack to go outside and put away all the bikes. Jack goes downstairs and I asked Van, "Is Jack being mean to you?" He says,

"Not yet."

Poor kid.


  1. i remember when i put a title on a blog post of mine called conversations with a 3 year old and i thought i was being so clever. then i read one of your posts and realized that i had heard it before on your blog talking about jack. and that are how ideas are stolen even when you don't think you are stealing...

  2. hahahahahahaha ... and it's funny because it's true. poor kid. i think sometimes finley does something mean preemptively because she knows aidan is going to do something sooner or later ...