Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"Mom, if I turned into a tiger right now, would you kick me out of the house?" This type of question is apart of my day almost everyday. Bless that boy Jack. That same boy is having quiet time right now while the babies nap and I just okayed a third popsicle. It's summer, why not?

Tomorrow is a cookbook photoshoot, first one in a month. We took a summer break. And during then, I don't think I developed a single recipe. But I came back from my California vacation anxious to get back to work. And with that fire, I have developed 3 recipes in the last two days. While I was in California, a lot of friends and family inquired about my cookbook and when it would be done. I am getting sick of saying I am still working on it. I want this thing done so I can have a finished product. I have set a deadline for myself. I think I can hit it. I will talk more about that in a few days on my cookbook blog.

Tonight I have a date. And because of that, I can barely focus on getting anything done today. It's always like that. I get excited to put on taller shoes and darker lipstick and eat good food with my good man.

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