Friday, July 1, 2011


My potted pansies and geraniums make me really happy. Happier than they should.

Watching my children eat healthy food makes me really happy. Violet is savoring an avocado right now.

Going on a date with my husband makes me really happy. Enjoying great food with him makes me really happy.

When Ethan's family comes for a visit, it makes me really happy. I love sisters in-law.

Getting a spray tan makes me happy. I like having some color. Facials are great too. 

Dirty bath water makes me happy. It means my babies have been playing outside and are happy. 

The smell of sunscreen makes me happy because it reminds me of my childhood summers at Lake Powell. I hope to be able to give my kids those memories someday. 

My daughter's name still makes me happy. Violet Caroline Ingram.

Having the will power to make good food choices makes me happy. 

Knowing I have a queue of good books waiting for me makes me happy. 

Knowing I have a queue of good chocolate hidden in my gravy boat on the shelf makes me happy. 

Jack's front two teeth are gone and his toothless smile makes me happy.