Monday, July 18, 2011


Jack just had a parade outside. My neighbor and I were sitting at my kitchen table looking on the computer for some information about her upcoming vacation. Jack came in and was dismayed at the fact that I threw away all our candy and he claimed he needed something to throw to the patrons on the parade. My neighbor said to go in her house and get Otterpops out of her freezer in her kitchen. He did and then we were instructed to go outside to watch the parade. We sat on the curb and waited. And then Jack and his 2 friends marched around the cul-de-sac with a drum, throwing Otterpops at us. Then across the street, two families I barely know sat on the curb because Jack went door-to-door telling people to come watch his parade. They cheered and all was a success. I have the coolest kid.

Today I feel liberated. I threw away my herb/spice carousel. You know, the thing you get for your wedding filled with old herbs and spices you don't know how to use until a few years into your marriage. I just had a moment and I threw the darn thing away. It is a greasy dust collector on my counter top. But not anymore. Glory be!

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