Friday, July 22, 2011


For the sake of history, I wanted to make a list of the terrible things Van has done. It should be noted that he is 3 and these things are bound to happen.

He has poured or squeezed out:
Maple syrup
Hair gel
Jet Dry
Shampoo and conditioner (into an air conditioning vent)
Orange juice
Dish soap (on carpet, which collects dirt and never comes out, truly)
Brand new bottle of Love Spell lotion

He has taken apart:
6 packs of new contact lenses
2 boxes of 48 tampons
Hundreds of yards of ribbon
Many many rolls of scotch tape

Her has eaten in one sitting in hiding:
15 juice boxes
Endless packs of gum
A jar of Nutella
An entire carton of Laughing Cow Cheese
Some of Daddy Darlings old medication (ended up being admitted into the hospital. Long story.)

If I think of more, I will add them.

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