Monday, August 15, 2011


I hate paperwork. Anything that has to do with me having to keep it organized or keep it at all. You see, I am a thrower-awayer. This aspect of Whitney is something Ethan hates. Socks left on the floor? Throw them away! Bill from a month ago? Throw it away! Receipt from new clothes? Throw it away! Toys on the floor when I am sweeping? Throw them away! I even throw away the Dish Network bill and just pay it when they shut it off. I don't like keeping anything unless it has sentimental value. And then when it comes to that, I have no organization to it at all and it just goes into a "special box". Tonight, I have a bunch of wretched paperwork to go through. Hate hate hate. Papers that have been sitting in my nightstand for almost a year. So I am turning a movie on and just doing it. I feel like Ethan should bring me home a Route 44 Coke Zero with vanilla on his way home tonight. 

Today Violet Girl took a 4 hour nap. So today, I made a big mess in the kitchen. Ice cream, pizza and meringues. All new recipes. Feeling pretty good about myself. Learned a little about making perfect meringues, dropped a big "dammit!" when I realized my ice cream maker bowl wasn't in the freezer yet and the mozzarella on the pizza was sliced too thick. Learning learning learning. 


  1. We are thrower-awayer twins. Kid poops in underwear? Throw them away (the underwear, that is).

    Good luck with the paperwork. I've been putting mine off for months...maybe a giant Dr. Pepper will do the trick.

  2. Ok, I just love ya! It makes me feel so much better to know I am not the only one who goes through this. We are moving in a couple months, so I HAVE to go through the boxes of random crap mail that for some unexplainable reason got moved TWICE so far. UGH! I am thinking I am may have to make my Coke with Vanilla Stoli, lol!