Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today, I said to Van, "If you pick your nose and eat it, no one will want to play with you and you won't have any friends." And that is a fact. No one wants to be friends with Nosey McPickerson.

Yesterday, some cute little football players outside the grocery store were asking for donations for their high school football team. I gave them $10 and actually said, "Take state, okay?" I now realize that in my head, those boys were Vince Howard and Luke Cafferty and I was donating to the East Dillon Lions and Coach Taylor's cause. It's a crying shame there was only 5 seasons of "Friday Night Lights".

Violet had physical therapy yesterday for her lack of crawling or walking. The therapist comes to our house twice a month and shows me ways to get Violet moving. Yesterday we did crawling up the stairs. And she cried real tears. As we moved her hands and legs, she didn't just whine or fuss, she screamed as big fat tears rolled down her plump cheeks. It was sad, but I got over it quick. I need this girl to start moving in a more natural fashion. I have had to throw out three pairs of new leggings because of her bum scooting habit.


  1. Go Violet! Way to be proactive and get her moving. She is adorable and looks like a delight.

    I love that you were picturing FNL at the grocery store. That show has pretty much taken over my life. Disc one of season 5 just arrived via Netflix today. Can't wait.

  2. Sporting events always make me tear up, especially the good ones like high school football.

    I may or may not concede that FNL was partial inspiration for Fatty's name.

    Texas forever.

  3. it is truly a crying shame that show was canceled. The good ones always get cut! And somehow shows like "Secret Life of an American Teenager" go on to do 12 seasons.