Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Van has been detoxing from sippy cups for almost a week now. Sippy cups have to go for a few reasons:

1. I am sick of being his bartender all day. "Mom! Mook!" 
2. His is 3 for heaven's sake.
3. Toilet training starts next week.

I have told Vanny Boy for about 6 months that as soon as Jack goes to first grade, he starts going in the big boy potty. And his reaction has been, "No potty! I go diapuh!" This little fellow of mine does best with change when he is given plenty of time to mull it over. So I have given him loads of time. In an effort to eliminate unnecessary bathroom trips, we have eliminated his source of unnecessary liquid. He has done pretty well. But gets unreasonably jealous when Violet gets her sippy. 

May I receive strength as I trudge through hell itself and toilet train my second born. 

And BTW, isn't he just incredibly handsome for a 3 year old?



  1. Potty training sucks. like really sucks. Unless he is like Ollie and then it's the shockingly easy. i will keep my fingers crossed that he is an Ollie.

  2. Sometimes when you psych yourself out for something, it ends up being a pleasant surprise.

    Or you were right all along.

    Meh. Just think, you only have to do this TWICE MORE EVER. Until Ethan loses control of his own bowels eventually, in which case-gross.