Monday, August 22, 2011


Violet has hair. 

School starts tomorrow. Very mixed feelings. Happy I will be down to two littles during the day, sad that Jack won't be home for lunch. I really relished our kindergarten afternoons last year. Get off the bus, eat lunch, littles down for naps and Jack and I have quiet time for a few hours. I have real-live anxiety about Jack eating lunch at school. I worry that he won't eat and just be too excited to be at lunch with his buddies. But that won't stop me from making him amazing lunches. Today I got some lunch box snacks. Annie's granola bars, good fruit leather, vanilla sandwich cookies, good juice boxes and high fructose corn syrup-filled fruit snacks. They will be kept up high, away from child reach. If Van only knew what dwelt in the cupboard above the fridge... Did I ever tell you about the time he got all sneaky and drank 15 juice boxes in one sitting? He is an addict when it comes to snacky snacks.

To prepare for school, we got a few new shirts, a new pair of cool shoes and some patches to sew on his backpack. You know, give the kid a little more personality, because he is just lacking in that department. No point in getting a bunch of new clothes when it will still be hot for another month or two.

Speaking about it being hot, I am actually hoping for it. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Jack's giant swimming pool is in it's final week of completion. Almost everyday after school, we will meet Jack at the bus stop and head down to Elk Ridge and swim until dinner.

We have a trampoline now. It's the trampoline I grew up with. It is the bounciest thing ever because we never took it down in the winter, so it got bouncier and bouncier with the snow weighing it down each year. In the last few mornings, Van has been out jumping in his jammies and dirty nighttime diaper before I have come downstairs for the day. Best part? My best friend Ashley reminded me that having a trampoline gives you a chance to put the word "tramp" into your everyday conversation. "Van, get off that tramp!" "Jack, if you finish your homework, I will let you jump all over that tramp."

BTW, just thought I would throw it out there that I am so content right now with having a small house and an old, small car. I am luckier than anyone else that I don't feel the need to keep up with the Joneses.

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  1. Your tramp is one of my favorite things about you. Take that how you like.

    I've decided that having a small house and a POS car is the way to go. Lately I've been having very affectionate feelings about my car, to the point that I've been doing research on how to get 3 car seats in there safely, though we shan't cross that threshold for many years to come.

    My house? It'd be the best, sans basement occupant.