Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vanny and Violet Girl

These two little people, Van and Violet, are the greatest of friends. Jack is now in school and they spend their days together. Eating together, playing together and laughing together. They play together better than I ever could have imagined. It is not an unusual sight to see them both laying on the floor and laughing at each other about nothing inparticular. They spend large amounts of time sitting in front of the bookshelf, taking all the books down and maybe reading a few. They share snacks and laugh at each other's burps. They sit in their car seats next to each other in the car and have screaming contests. Violet even calls him by name. "Mammy!" They really are true friends.

All the credit for this goes to Van. He is so sweet to her. He pays so much attention to her and tries so hard to make her happy. Of course, there are plenty of times that he is so rotten to her and mean. But I can truly say that the good out weighs the bad on this one. The best thing I ever did for Van was give birth to Violet.

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  1. That picture freaks me out cause it's backwards. I feel like I'm Alice in the looking glass.