Monday, September 19, 2011

At the moment.

Grilled pork chops, steamed green beans and roasted potatoes. All prepped and ready to go.

Baby Einstein on and Violet entranced.

Van singing, "Old McDonald had a frickin' horse".

Jack grounded for the week for taking off while I was on the phone when he was already not allowed to play with friends for the day because he didn't ever give his teacher his behavior paper for her to mark off whether he behaved well or not. I should be grounded for just writing such a severe run-on sentence.

Hair being done tonight. Lied to Ethan about my appointment being at 5:30 so he would be home on time. It's not until 6:30.

Ethan on his way home from the Apple store. Stupid phone case broke.

Floor littered with toys and throw pillows. Throw pillow that are ugly and need to be recovered some how. I am not much of a sewist.

Walls need to be painted. Our landlord says we can't paint, but I am starting to not care since we just saved him from short selling this house by increasing our rent by $250 a month. But I don't like painting. So I am hoping for someone to magically call my husband and offer to paint our house for trade in catering services. Probably won't happen. Oh well.

My laundry needs to be hauled downstairs so I can have underwear tomorrow. If all goes as planned, it will all be done by the time children are in bed so I can fold and watch "Brothers and Sisters".

Violet is sporting her first pony tail today. I love that I can take a picture of it and then send it to all my sisters and all their responses are joyful. "LOVE!!!" "This made my day!" "What a doll!" "Yeah for our Violet girl!"


  1. Sewist? That's a new one. Seamstress perhaps?
    I love that you post things like this! Not only do I get a glimpse into your life so far away, but it makes me feel like my life means something, if that makes sense, even though I only have simple things like this going on.

  2. I will paint your house! I love painting! All it requires is a plane ticket from Austin.