Sunday, September 25, 2011

At the moment.

"Toy Story 2" for Van. He is also eating taffy. Toilet treat. Toilet training has been going extremely well. Very few accidents since we began 3 days ago.

Ethan watching "Breaking Bad" on his iPad. Completely addicted.

Jack playing army in the backyard. A fort has been built with the blue picnic table.

Two whole chickens roasting in the oven. Green beans prepped and ready to steam. White rice ready to go. Buttermilk cake cooling, strawberries sliced and cream whipped. Table set with my Sundee silver and china from my mother in-law. Anxious for a good ol' Sunday dinner. It has been too long.

Violet snoozing peacefully in her room. Pink blankie, box fan on, room has a yellow hue from the sun shining through her closed yellow curtains.

Thinking about the Primary Program at church today. Jack had a speaking part and did great. 175 kids in our primary. One seven five. True story.

Hair dyed darker. Dark brown with red tones. I am much happier having dark hair.

3 loads of little kid laundry needs to be folded. I'll do it tonight while watching a movie.

Speaking of movies, watched "Red" last night. Brilliantly funny. Loved it.

Last night also entailed a really great evening with my little family. We rarely take our three littles out to dinner. Money, chaos and I never really get to enjoy it. But last night was awesome. Teppan grill, sukiyaki beef, shrimp and happy children. We all had a magical time. I love all those little people and their dad.

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