Saturday, September 10, 2011


Dear Today,

You were awesome. I slept in 45 minutes later than normal. I helped my husband choose a hat for his golf get-up. My children were sweet and cuddly and spent most of the day in their jammies. The boys did their Saturday jobs without any hassle. I buckled down and really taught Jack how to clean his bathroom and he did great. I made my three beautiful children roast chicken grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and took them swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's. They swam their little hearts out- well Jack did that, but Van mostly screeched about having to wear arm floaties. While swimming, Daddy Darling showed up and all three children yelled for their dad. "Daddy, watch me go down the slide!" "Daddeeeeee!" "Dad Dad Daddy Dad! Hold me!".

We came home after swimming and ate the most perfect BLT's. Toasted whole grain bread, thin layer of mayo, crisp thick-sliced bacon, deep red in-season tomatoes, cracked black pepper, flavorful green leaf lettuce. After having an inner-battle trying to decide if swimming counts as a bath, I gave everyone a bath and put them to bed. After doing the dishes, I went to my blessed drink fridge/popsicle freezer in the garage to get a Coke Zero and suddenly noticed boxes of clothes I hadn't noticed before. I happily uncovered an entire hand-me-down winter wardrobe for Van I didn't know I had.

It was a really great day. Children were funny, kind and agreeable and a few times today, I literally was stopped in my tracks because I was overwhelmed with how much I love my children and husband. Thank you so much for giving me a really great day, Today.

Love, Whitney


  1. Swimming totally counts as a bath!

  2. Oh my gosh, swimming totally counts as a bath! I think my kids get bathed like once a week in the summer because they spend so much time in the pool! They are never cleaner, and I don't have to do anything! Love Summer...