Monday, September 26, 2011

I like "At The Moment" posts. I think I will do another one.

At the moment:

In a happy, familiar place. On my red love seat, watching "Brothers and Sisters" and tapping on my laptop.

Choxie Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffle Bar.

Ethan just left to go get me a Slurpee. His idea, not mine.

Ethan in the middle of prepping for a major event this week. Like catering for 450 people in one day. Oh and then two more events on Saturday. Basically, Ethan is off limits until next week.

Floors freshly vacuumed by my new sleek vacuum. I love.

Looking over the Visiting Teaching message for this month.

Besides the voice of Sally Field in the background, the quiet buzz of the baby monitor is serenading me. I have heard that noise everyday for over a year. I might miss it when it isn't needed anymore.

Trying to think of what to put in Jack's lunch box tomorrow. Leftover pasta, chicken and broccoli? Turkey sandwich? Quesadillas? Chicken breast strips with barbecue sauce? Probably the chicken strips. He loves BBQ sauce. It's the house sauce of this family.

Thinking about Van's toilet training for the day. He hasn't had an accident in two days. He goes all by himself and washes his hands by himself. We even ran a bunch of errands this morning and he didn't have any accidents. He is basically good to go. And it took 4 days. Hurry someone, give me a book contract and I will write a whole sentence on how to toilet train your kid in 4 days. It will go something like this: "Wait until they are old enough to do it all themselves." Ding!

Just remembered that yesterday, when Van was watching "Toy Story", he said to the on-screen Woody, "Hey Loody, I have you on my unduhway." Good luck deciphering that one. I could barely make it out and I am his mother.

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