Friday, September 2, 2011

Leap frog

This toy was given to Jack by the Marsilios when he was a little baby. He learned to walk with it as it played it's obnoxious music. "Walk along, walk along, take a step and sing along!" Once he was done learning to walk, it was given to a friend and then another friend and then back to us for Van to learn to walk. Then it was leant out again, given back and then leant out again. As of this afternoon, it is back and ready to teach Violet how to walk. This toy has taught approximately 8 children how to walk and it still works as good as ever. High five to Leap Frog for making a high quality product.

This weekend, Daddy Darling, Jack and Van are all going down to the Ponderosa in Zions National Park. Jack has plans of playing army for the entire duration. It will be much better than normal because Grandpa Ingram just got a kids-sized quad and it is painted camo. Jack's imagination has been busy for days.

While they are gone, I plan on swimming at my parent's house a lot and cooking a lot. A vegetarian stuffed zucchini, a baked rice casserole/bake and some creative cupcakes. Oh, and some ice cream, of course. I will also give Violet long bathes. Whenever Van isn't around, I give her long long bathes, like 45 minutes. She can play without any interruption. Lucky girl!

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  1. It took me until my 2nd child to understand the true beauty of inter-mom lending and it is a beautiful thing to behold. Give and ye shall receive.