Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Went to the temple this morning with Ethan. Good times.

Sisters Haley and Caitlyn watched my littles. Van decided to have diarrhea.

Speaking of that, Van wants to be potty trained- badly. Last night, he got out of bed, took off his diaper, put his pants back on and went to sleep. At 3am, we were woken to a crying 3 year old because he decided to have some serious diarrhea in his pants without a diaper on. Low point.

Because the aunts were here and cousins were in tow, Van didn't have a nap and he became toxic around 5pm. The terror threat level was set to red. He screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. "I hate dinner!!!" "I hate Violet!!!" "I hate everyone!!!"

Van's dramatics and consoling them made feeding Violet dinner a failure. So I fed her a Tootsie Roll Pop for dinner. And she loved it.

My day ended on a very, very high note. Jack read "Green Eggs and Ham" in it's entirety, on his own. He even used the punctuation to add effect to his reading. The whole time I couldn't stop smiling. Such a high point in motherhood. I even wrote the date on the inside cover of the book so we could remember this day. "Jack read the entire thing on his own!"


  1. Thank goodness for those high points!

  2. Jack - I'm so proud of that little boy!

  3. i would love to hear his little voice reading the punctuation. why is he still 3 years old in my brain? ps. LOVED the apology letter!!! miss you guys.

  4. Bless Van, and please bless you suck it up and potty train that kid already.

  5. Oh man, I love hearing kids read. It is awesome. And so smart to write down the date.