Thursday, October 6, 2011

At the moment

Van, Jack and Ethan are beating the hell out of each other with fly swatters. From their noises, it's barrels of fun.

Violet is asleep. Her and her bad attitude are asleep.

Tyrone Wells is on. We saw him once at the House of Blues on Sunset in Hollywood. He was so good live.

Dinner is cleaned up and the house is clean. If I wake up to a dirty house, I wake up with a bad attitude.

My hair smells like salon hair. My sister hair stylist Caitlyn convinced me to start using good shampoo on my hair and it has made the difference she promised it would. It's called Moroccan Oil. I highly recommend it. BTW, if you are looking for a hair stylist who's strengths are BOTH cut and color, my sister is your girl. I wouldn't recommend her if I didn't think she was good. Because then if you hair sucked, you would blame me. Click here for her info.

Jack's school teacher's wedding announcement is on our fridge. She is getting married next month and because she has had so many little kids ask if they were invited to her reception in Washington DC, she decided to have a little wedding reception at the school for her students. Yes, his teacher is that cool. Jack had parent teacher conference last night and what a good, smart boy I have. He is doing really great in school. One of the things that helped the most with his schooling is doing work over the summer. He is right on track because we worked on math, reading and writing all summer. I hear a lot of people say that summer is just for fun and no school. I beg to differ. It took me about the entire duration of Jack's kindergarten year to grasp the fact that I have to being very involved with Jack's schooling. Once I got that, he has excelled.

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  1. i use super cheap shampoo and lately my hair has sucked.
    could be the pregnancy hormones.
    perhaps i should follow you and try some real hair products.