Monday, October 10, 2011

At the moment

The house is quiet. I only hear the tapping of my keyboard and the hum of the baby monitor. Love being in a quiet house before everyone gets up.

The fridge is a disorganized mess and today I will be tackling that.

Ethan is asleep. I always let him sleep in the mornings. Always have.

Trying to think of what to pack Jack for lunch. Probably leftover mexican rice (BTW, I finally nailed down the perfect recipe for good good Mexican rice) and some apples and carrots.

Contemplating the day. Volunteering in Jack's classroom, Van swimming lessons, grocery list and weekly menu planning, recipe writing, possible rain, find renters insurance.

Grateful for my warm house. I love my house. I will live here as long as possible. Cozy, not too big, open floor plan, great neighborhood. We were sure watched over when we found this house.

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