Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At the moment

Billy Currington is playing on my iTunes and I am hating it. Hold on while I change it. There- done. Next best down the list of "Bs" was Bob Marley.

Van is supposed to be taking a nap and he is upstairs messing up his room. I am not in the mood to give him a beating.

My sister Haley made me buy Violet a baby stroller to help her walk. But all Violet does is push it while she bum scoots. We have some work to do.

Today I met Dale Murphy at Home Depot. He is a retired Braves baseball player. Ethan was so jealous.

Last night I had my pregnant sister take a pregnancy test for me and then today I showed it to Ethan and said I was pregnant. He was frantic. It was pretty cool. And he wasn't even that mad at me for playing the prank of all pranks on him.

Vanilla cupcakes are in the oven. Tonight is dessert and pumpkins at Beesley Farm. And a tractor ride. Van is unable to focus on anything today because he knows he gets to ride on a tractor tonight. That's probably why he isn't asleep right now.

I have been thinking a lot about the pastor/preacher/priest or whatever he is saying Mormonism is a cult and that I am not a Christian. Mormons have been getting lots of press these days. Our numbers are constantly growing and now we have people like Mitt and Huntsman in the spotlight. Someone publicly insults a group of people or an individual when they feel threatened. And this guy went all out by insulting a group of 14 million people. And it wasn't just insulting them about their favorite color or their hair in middle school- he attacked the way they raise their families, spend their time and live their lives. Pretty low. But you know what, because I love Jesus Christ and have learned from him how to be, I forgive this guy. Christ taught to turn the other cheek. So pastor/preacher/priest, you aren't perfect and because of that, I forgive you and your choice of words.

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  1. That pregnant sister bit, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT???

    You should have called and told me about it, would have been the Christian thing to do.

    Just saying.