Thursday, October 27, 2011


We beat the dang system with my car registration. Short version of why it was an issue to register my car.
-car has overdue registration by like 6 months. Dodge a lot of cops.
-check engine light on
-won't turn off no matter the tricks I try.
-diagnostic test states I need to spend over $1200 to get my car register-worthy.
-find out repairs don't effect actual performance of said car.
-"know a guy" who says a different county doesn't require emissions inspections for registering cars.
-with a few tricky tricks, register the car in another county.

BAM! Stick it to the man! You don't have any idea how good this all feels. So good... Makes me want to drive in front of cops all day long.

-Thai red curry carrot soup made for a church activity.
-Not going to church activity. Opted to babysit my mini niece instead.
-Tomato and avocado sandwiches with my mom.
-Violet playing with the duck pond game endlessly.
-Tortilla and black bean pie for dinner.
-Enjoying the new cute snow boots my mom sent me in the mail. CUTE I TELL YOU!!!
-My mom's dogs came over and cleaned my floor.
-Continue to be disappointed by the quality of the produce at Macey's. Rotten onions, molded strawberries, limp lettuce. Boo. The Draper Harmon's will always have my heart.


  1. Hey I used to read rookie cookie and I use your recipes quite a bit. Can we no longer look at the old blog recipes? I was planning on making the snickerdoodle bars for a school function todAY and now don't have a recipe.