Tuesday, October 4, 2011


If you were my neighbor, this morning, you would see Van in my front yard remove his unders, remove the poop in it and throw it on the lawn. I thought I was going to die. That boy, he is just plain trouble.

If I cut my right thumb knuckle on some type of kitchen tool one more time, I could be convinced to just amputate the whole thing.

If I wouldn't have put so much ginger in my teriyaki turkey burgers tonight, they would have been perfect. And if I eliminate the jalapeno mayo all together, it will be even better.

If Violet keeps up with practicing standing up on her own, she will be walking so soon. She will situate herself in the middle of room and then very precariously stand up. And once she is up, she claps and says, "YEAH!!!"

If I can convince her, Kalli is going to a movie with me tonight. I need popcorn, candy and soda so bad.

If that little Lunchables-toting 1st grade girl makes fun of Jack's homemade turkey sandwich one more time, I will be going to the school to eat lunch with Jack and bring some type of amazing, enviable lunch and make sure I look like a really pretty mom.


  1. Like it takes a lot of convincing.

  2. that little first grade lunchable chick is cryin' in her lunchable nachos that jack gets turkey and she gets the 10 for $10 smith's special. and diabetes.