Saturday, October 15, 2011

My people.

Van Ethan Ingram. 3 years old. Newly toilet trained. Very particular about his privacy when it comes to that. Specializes in tormenting, loving and adoring Violet, all at the same time. Giggling and wrestling partner with Jack. Just starting to do more things out of his comfort zone, like going to the kid's play place at Ikea. Likes to lay in bed with Daddy and watch "Wipe Out" on Daddy's iPad, calls it "vijoes." Pretty terrible eater. Often tells me that we are best friends. "Mom, we awe fwends."

Jack Rockwell Ingram. 6 1/2 years old. Looks best with a shaved head. Wants to buy every piece of Shawn White clothing at Target. Excels at doing chores and organizing. Dare devil on his bike. Much improved handwriting and reading since 1st grade started. And behavior has improved a lot as well. Secretly loves cuddling his mother. Openly loves old musicals. Prefers chocolate over candy. Loves getting dressed up for church in his suit and looking handsome.

Violet Caroline Ingram. 17 months. Screams really loud when she is especially happy. Wears holes in the bum of her leggings because she scoots. Blond ringlet curls for hair. Is her Daddy's one year old girlfriend. Takes marathon 4 hour afternoon naps. Competent thumb-sucker. Likes to lounge on the couch and watch "Baby Einstein". Demands her bah-bahs get warmed up in the microwave- for precisely 30 seconds.

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