Saturday, October 1, 2011


Fall can come now. I pulled out our Halloween box and distributed colors and symbols of fall throughout the house. I also uncovered our Halloween CD and "Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin". So as I made pizza for dinner, we shook it to "Thriller" and "Flying Purple People Eater" and after baths, the boys watched "Charlie Brown". I am certain that we will watch that movie everyday until Halloween. Every holiday, I have such great ideas on how to make the most out of it and enjoy it. But so much of them never come to fruition. But this time, I swear they will. I am going to make a list in my trusty notebook so I don't forget anything.

General Conference was today and I feel old. I feel old because I enjoyed it so so much. Only old people really get the gist of conference and savor every word. And I felt like an idiot when dear President Monson announced the burned Provo Tabernacle being turned into a temple and I burst into tears. What is wrong with me? I think it is because I grew up in Provo. Stake conference was there. School choir concerts were there. Now it will be a temple. Just amazing.

I am already looking forward to tomorrow's sessions of conference. The churchy coloring pages are printed out and the new crayons are out. The living room has been dusted and polished (even the dirty couches were scrubbed) in anticipation of lots of conference watching. And the fridge is filled with ingredients for delicious conference food. Actually, here is the menu.

   Scrambled eggs, candied bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, english muffins, cinnamon butter and orange juice. And I will probably only eat eggs and fruit because a heavy breakfast like that kills any energy I woke up with.

   Grilled hamburgers, good hamburger buns, toppings of bacon, avocado, tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, red onions and then some good, salty kettle potato chips. Pizookie with Breyer's vanilla ice cream for dessert.

I love cooking. And I love writing menus. Almost more than I love cooking.

BTW, I rediscovered the Jason Mraz "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things" album. I am in love.