Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Today, Jack came home from school with a cough and an overall under-the-weather feeling. He promptly turned on "Singin' in the Rain", lounged on the couch and didn't move. Well, he moved, but that was just to take a shower and then turn on "Oklahoma".

Tonight, we devoured too many artichokes. And bulgur. And that will mean terrible things for Violet's diaper tomorrow. That much fiber fixes her lickety split!

Today, Van had gymnastics. He was given a sticker at the end. Which Violet ate later on.

Today, Violet was a walking machine. Just strolling around the house. In the last few days, she has gotten remarkably better at her balance. It is very surreal to me. One day I had a developmentally-delayed bum-scooting baby girl and the next day, I had a walking one.

Today, Ethan shopped for an event and got all prepped. I am so bummed I forgot to tell him to pick up more Coke Zero at Costco. Did I tell you Ethan got a new truck? He did. It was time. Rockwell Catering was in need of some better transportation and a lower vehicle rental bill.

Tonight, I put the kids to bed, cleaned up and then made a big fat mess in the kitchen. Caramel pecan shortbread, pineapple sorbet with strawberry coconut sauce and vanilla ice cream base. It felt good to break away from my usual evening activity of folding laundry and watching "Brothers and Sisters".

Today, the laundry didn't get folded. All 3 loads are the opposite of folded right now.


  1. My laundry (which is actually my favorite household chore to do) is the opposite of folded as well. Maybe tonight...

  2. I am hoping to find your pineapple sorbet with strawberry coconut sauce in the new cookbook!